Tutorials from June, 2009

jQuery? You’ve got to toggle

jQuery?  You’ve got to toggle

Toggling makes it easy to turn things on and off

Everyone likes writing jQuery for one main reason: it’s really easy to use. One feature that makes life a lot easier is toggling. Let’s say you have an image that you need to show when a button is clicked and then hide when it is clicked again. Instead of two separate functions, one to show and another to hide, use jQuery’s handy shorthand: toggle:

$(‘button’).click( function() {

But jQuery’s support of toggling goes way beyond hiding and showing. It has toggleClass() which adds a class or removes it depending on if the class exists. Also slideToggle() which slides an object up and then down.

And besides these simple shorthands for existing functions, jQuery has a variety of support for more custom toggle functions. … (more…)